FKT: Matt Perkins - Escarpment Trail (NY) - 2020-09-04

Route variation
one way
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Total time
4h 5m 55s
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Glorious weather. Started at south popular end to avoid Labor Day crowds - paid off as I saw no one (!!!) until the last 3 miles up at Elm Ridge. Sooooo grateful and appreciative to have this trail available for the world, and to get to enjoy it today. 1L Tailwind and 1 pack of shotblocks was perfect. Thanks Julia Gregory for the early morning drop-off and car deposit!!

A few wrong turns at start but less than half a mile extra. Note that the original GPX linked here skips Boulder Rock - it's a fraction of a difference shorter, but I followed Frankie/Josh/Steven's routing - just a heads up for those of you who might get confused by conflicting GPX instructions mid-run like I did!!! Quite large snake on top of Acra Point - didn't stop for an ID though :-P