FKT: Matt Perkins - Squam Range (NH) - 2020-07-29

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
4h 37m 16s

Scouted the northbound route a few days prior with Matt Veiga and his brilliant canine ultracompanion Summit - great day and decided to come back on a weekday early morning when the pandemic-escapees would be fewer (indeed, only saw ~15 people in the entire route). Not much sleep the night beforehand but channeled the issues of the world into this incredible trail and slugged it out through the heat & humidity. Opted for only 1L of water which was ... ambitious. No injuries, fortunately. Extremely grateful to be able to move the body in this way, and have the emotional support from friends and family. Many thanks to Squam Lakes Conservation Society and Squam Lake Association for their conservation and *excellent* maintenance!