Route: Squam Range (NH)

New Hampshire, US
21.9 mi
Vertical Gain
6,736 ft

Ben Nephew posted:

The Squam Range is a line of 7 lower peaks (1200-2500') overlooking Squam Lake in central NH. It is a great option for late fall or early spring trail running as it is less likely to be snowy or icy than its higher 3-4k neighbors to the north. The range is about 13 miles long, with approximately 4k of climb, and the many views of Squam Lake from the trail are impressive I ran the double traverse in 5:02:06 on 11/15/2015, starting at the Cotton Mountain trailhead and turning at Sandwich Notch Road. Mount Morgan was traversed using the cave and ladder route, because they were there. While the western half of the route has a good deal of runnable terrain, the eastern half is rugged, with rock scrambles, ledges, and boulder fields.



Attempting tomorrow. Tracking link:

This will be my first attempt at serious trail running, no idea how it will turn out. Going unsupported, stepping off at 0900 EST.

An update:

The first two miles really humbled me as a runner. 1300 feet of climbing reminded me hills are hard. I hit the ridge and kept going, but knew all hope of maintaining the pace was lost. Turned around at 6.15 miles on top of Mount Morgan, took a 15-minute break. The final time for the 12.3 out and back up Morgan was 4:07. Total climb was about 3400 with the same descent. Had a good time, I'll be back to take another shot eventually.