FKT: Matthew Crawford - Suwon Dulle-gil / 수원둘레길 (South Korea) - 2021-04-18

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9h 22m 54s
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This run was organized by Michael Goodine, who'd done it about a year ago and knew the course well. We started at 6:37 a.m. from Sungkyunkwan University Station. The route was fairly well marked with purple signs, signposts, and ribbons, but there are some tricky spots where the direction of the route was not self-evident. At one point, we even had to cut through a giant construction site to stay on the route as an official detour hadn't been set up yet. Accompanying us for the first 15km was Mike Dalce, and for the first 24km, Jose Ramirez. We purchased drinks at several convenience stores along the way. For the last 10km or so, I went ahead on my own, and Mike finished a bit later. The weather was great all day -- clear skies and sunshine, but fairly cool.