FKT: Matthew De Witt - Chain of Lakes Bike Path (IL) - 2021-11-21

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 14m 52s

After a 3.4mi run over to the north end of the Chain of Lakes Path, I started my run at about 7:52am. The weather was 39 degrees, with a light west wind. After a quick trip east, I turned south on the trail. I remained mostly going south until about 5.5 miles. Then it was a westward run downhill towards Fox Lake. Then I turned around for the return run back north. I finished the 17.04mi run in 2hrs, 15min, 52sec.

I carried my 36oz of nuun Hydration and GU Energy Labs gels in my running pack. I passed a lot of dog walkers and a handful of runners.

I finished my running with 6 miles back to my car, to end the morning at 26.4mi.

The path is a mix of asphalt (new and old), grass, sidewalk, and crushed gravel. I always enjoy running on the crushed gravel paths of the Lake County (IL) Forest Preserves.