FKT: Matthew Matta - Bison Trail aka Dog Run Hollow (OK) - 2021-01-27

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49m 4s
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On January 27, 2021 I ran the Bison Trail in the Wichita Mountains of Oklahoma. I started at 2:07pm and ran in the counterclockwise direction.

I ran into a longhorn in the first mile about 20’ in front of me. He looked friendly but I gave him a wide berth and went around him after spending too much time trying to talk him off the trail. After the first couple miles the trail starts to follow a stream with several dams and stays by that stream pretty much back to the trailhead. Most of the trail can be ran but there are several rocky technical areas where it would be easy to trip. There are a lot of side trails that can send you in the wrong way if you’re not careful.

I got back to the bridge at 2:56. I ran by myself, unsupported. I didn’t see anyone else. I didn’t bring any food or water. Please be smart and don’t try to run it without water when it’s hot. There was some spotty Verizon signal. Watch out for snakes, especially in the grassy areas. This is a beautiful loop. There are some similar times on Strava on various trails in the area but I didn’t see any for this particular loop.