Athlete: Matthew Matta



Fastest Known Times the athlete has set; possibly historical. Check out each route to see its current FKT.

Route Route Variation Style Time Date
Angleworm Lake Trail (MN) loop Unsupported 2h 23m 42s
Rainy Lake Trail (MN) one way Unsupported 1h 44m 59s
Shingobee Connection Trail (MN) one way Unsupported 48m 7s
Hankinson Hills Loop (ND) loop Unsupported 58m 55s
Solitude Trail 038 (WY) Standard loop Unsupported 20h 49m 55s
Buckhorn Trail (ND) Loop Unsupported 1h 50m 31s
Shingobee Connection Trail (MN) out & back Unsupported 1h 59m 42s
Norway Trail (MN) one way Unsupported 1h 27m 52s
Norway Trail (MN) out & back Unsupported 3h 12m 39s
Migizi Loop (MN) loop Unsupported 1h 54m 2s
Cut Foot Sioux National Recreation Trail (MN) Loop Unsupported 5h 48m 54s
Fort Ransom State Park Loop (ND) Loop Unsupported 1h 28m 32s
Achenbach Trail (ND) Standard loop Unsupported 4h 39m 50s
Laramie Peak (WY) Up & down Unsupported 1h 48m 29s
Bighorn Peak (WY) Standard route Unsupported 8h 59m 12s
Scenic State Park Loop (MN) loop Self-supported 1h 12m 24s
Itasca Trail (MN) one way Unsupported 47m 29s
Itasca Trail (MN) out & back Unsupported 1h 36m 11s
Rainy Lake Trail (MN) out & back Unsupported 4h 4m 35s
North Dakota Badlands Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim (ND) R2R2R Unsupported 2h 8m 0s
Little Missouri State Park Outer Loop (ND) 2 loops Unsupported 1h 53m 0s
Custer Peak (SD) up & down Unsupported 1h 34m 0s
Iron Spring Trail (MT) Standard route Unsupported 1h 45m 11s
Little Missouri State Park Outer Loop (ND) 1 loop Unsupported 58m 5s
Border Route Trail (MN) loop (duathlon) Self-supported 1d 12h 55m 0s
Border Route Trail (MN) one way Unsupported 21h 53m 44s
Cottonwood Trail (ND) Out & back Unsupported 2h 39m 0s
Upper Paddock/Talkington Loop (ND) loop Unsupported 3h 15m 47s
Jones/Lower Talkington/Lower Paddock Loop (ND) loop Unsupported 2h 6m 5s
Snowbank Lake Loops (MN) Snowbank-Disappointment Unsupported 6h 18m 13s
Rainy Lake Trail (MN) one way Unsupported 1h 51m 21s
Scenic State Park Loop (MN) loop Unsupported 1h 20m 18s
Minnesota Lowest to Highest (MN) open course, one way Unsupported 4h 18m 6s
Keys View Loop (CA) lollipop loop Unsupported 3h 38m 6s
Chiricahua National Monument Big Loop (AZ) loop Unsupported 1h 41m 1s
Cochise Stronghold Loop (AZ) Standard loop Unsupported 4h 55m 59s
Bison Trail aka Dog Run Hollow (OK) loop Unsupported 49m 4s
Ouachita - Boardstand - Old Military Road Trails Loop (OK) Standard loop Unsupported 5h 22m 55s
Delaware Lowest to Highest (DE) one way, open course Unsupported 1h 15m 8s
Northwest Lancaster County River Trail (PA) out & back Unsupported 5h 18m 0s
Cape Henlopen Trails Loop (DE) single loop Unsupported 2h 31m 13s
Grand Portage Trail (MN) one way Unsupported 1h 45m 49s
Grand Portage Trail (MN) out & back Unsupported 3h 42m 0s
Snowbank Lake Loops (MN) Snowbank only Unsupported 5h 15m 16s
Suomi Hills Redline (MN) Standard route Unsupported 5h 27m 54s
Powwow Trail (MN) Standard route Unsupported 7h 33m 34s