FKT: Matthew Stasiukevicius - Longs Peak (CO) - 2023-08-13

Route variation
round trip from Boulder on foot
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
18h 25m 2s

I accidentally restarted my watch before saving so elapsed time on Strava is slightly long. Looking at Strava flybys I originally stopped my watch at the court house at 3:26:37 pm on Sunday 13. Having started at 9:01:35 pm on Saturday 12, my elapsed time is calculated to be 18:25:02


I biked over to Pearl Street on Saturday evening. Crew member Bo recorded me starting at the historic court house right after 9pm. I headed up Broadway then out of town on Lee Hill. Had a brief stint on Left Hand Canyon before heading up James Canyon. Stopped in Jamestown for a water refill at the public fountain and continued on. This next stretch was the most peaceful, I was able to cut my light for a while and stare at the stars including the awesome Perseid meteor shower. I met my crew at the Ceran St. Vrain trail head just after midnight for a restock, shoe swap, and to pick up Bo as a pacer. We traversed the St. Vrain and Miller Rock trails to get over to riverside drive for another quick shoe swap with the crew and made our way up to peak to peak highway. Peak to peak also had some fantastic meteor viewing. We made it to the Longs Peak Trailhead a little after 3 am for another full crew pit stop. I was supposed to pick up additional friends here for the jaunt up Longs, but mis-timing and under-communication led to Bo and I being solo on Longs. We ascended and descended via the keyhole route and using the Jim's Grove trail. We reached the summit of longs at 7am and made it back down to the trail head at 9:15. Bo continued on with me on peak to peak highway. Our next crew stop was about 8 miles down the road, where Paul Hooge, current fkt holder, surprised us with his support. We met the crew quickly again before getting on the Miller Rock trail for a shoe swap and to pick up Andrew as a pacer. At the Ceran St. Vrain trail head I had a full crew stop and Bo's pacing day was finally over. Andrew took me down James canyon to within a mile of the turn on Left Hand via a quick stop in Jamestown. At this point Matt swapped pacing duties with Andrew and took me up and over Lee's hill, through my final crew stop at the corner of Lee's Hill and Old Stage, and all the way down Broadway. From the flat part of Lee's hill just outside Boulder proper all the way along Broadway I picked up 3 surprise friends on bikes who also took me to the finish. The finish line featured Paul Hooge, a host of Rocky Mountain Runners, as well as my pacers, crew and friends to give one final hoorah.