FKT: Maura Tyrrell, Jennifer Selig - Finger Lakes Trail - Letchworth Branch (NY) - 2020-10-17

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5h 0m 27s
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I wanted to run this trail since there was no FKT time for females yet. I'm so glad Jen decided to run it with me because this would have been way tougher without her! We carried water and gels and placed water about halfway. Running went pretty smoothly and the weather was great. The trail was easy to follow except for the few times we were unsure of where to go after the yellow markers stopped. Thankfully we stayed on trail, except for one instance where we had to backtrack. I think if we did it again we could do it much faster now that we know where to go! We both felt undertrained going into this but we are proud we pushed through and put down a solid time!