FKT: Maureen Anderson - Beach from Seattle to Everett (WA) - 2021-05-28

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4h 59m 25s
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Seattle's low tides typically occur Memorial Day weekend. Today's -3.86 tide meant there would be plenty of "beach" along the route. I started at Golden Gardens and headed north. The route is a mix of small, round rocks covered with barnacles, eel grass, pools of water, rivers heading from creek drainages out to the Sound, and miles and miles of angled beach covered with rocks. It's a classic Northwest Beach experience, not at all like beach running on a sandy beach! I ran unsupported. My husband dropped me off at Golden Gardens, and met me after Pigeon Creek Trail ends at the terminal. I used a Nathan 1L of Maurten, and that was sufficient for the day which was never more than 60 degrees F, with strong headwind at times.