Route: Beach from Seattle to Everett (WA)

Washington, US
26.2 mi

From Seattle (Golden Gardens Bathhouse) to Everett (Pigeon Creek TH). The 26 mile route stays to the west of the railroad tracks and only leaves the beach for short sections in Edmonds and Mukilteo, and then finishes on a short paved trail in Everett.

The challenge of this route is twofold: limited route existence due to tides and the ever-changing terrain of sand, sharp or slippery rocks, and some boulders.

Note: This route crosses tidelands that are private property, which is a legal gray area. However, I did not have any encounters with anyone that were not positive and did not see any No Trespassing signs on the beach.


Hey everyone! I wanted to declare my intent at going after this FKT on Saturday May 9th. We will have a strong negative tide, along with beautiful sunny conditions, making it a good day to go for this route. I will begin at about 11am from Golden Gardens. Im really stoked!