FKT: Megan Von Bergen - Knoxville Urban Wilderness South Loop (TN) - 2021-05-08

Gender category
Route variation
Standard loop
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 49m 10s

I started at the Meads Quarry Lake parking lot and took the South Loop, starting with Burnett's Ridge and finishing along the Will Skelton Greenway. It went really well, my fastest run along this route. Because the run was short, I did not resupply with food or drink / carry water with me. I ran alone, as I usually do.

I think the length shows a little longer than the route because I accidentally overlapped a bit in the parking lot. 

(Also, I'm sorry about the terrible photo! I am in grad school and my phone is super old and won't let me take a screenshot anymore -- I took the picture of my route with another device.) 

This is the *very first* FKT I've submitted, so please let me know if you have questions? Hoping I did this right, and thank you for your time!