FKT: Melanie Salas - Woody Gap to Blood Mtn on the AT (GA) - 2019-12-27

Route variation
out & back
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Total time
3h 48m 36s
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A few photos on Strava.

Another run at Woody to Blood.
Temps were cool, I started in too many clothes and had to take off my windbreaker near preacher's rock and stuff it into my bag :) When am I going to stop doing that?!?!

The run started great. I felt good, legs, body and mind all in sync. Then, at about mile 4, I started cramping! I never get cramps! I tried to drink more, and use my electroride, and just go with the flow. By mile 5, I decided I would turn around once I got to Jarred Gap.

But, we know I ain't no quitter. So, once I got to Jarred, I pressed on. By this point, I was power hiking every single uphill...but decided this would just be a good practice at powerhiking. Legs felt good, but the body was completely spent. I'm guessing I was pretty dang dehydrated, there is really no other explanation to some of how I was feeling. I think the morning deuce took more out of me than normal. Especially since it was a surprise. And of epic proportions. Did I mention the TH pit toilet had no TP? Yeah, quite a surprise. (HAHAHAHAHA)

So, from mile 5, I hiked all uphills. I cursed at myself for this, knowing I can do better, but that's the way the day went. Got to the top of Blood, grabbing a few pictures of my favorite parts of the climb and of the rest house. Then headed back down again. It would be a long 8 miles.

I ran a lot of the technical downhill and was pretty proud of myself for that, considering how much I suck at the downhill - and considering that at this point, I was completely dizzy. LOL. (I think these are things which I should not admit in writing)

Still, I hiked every uphill on the return journey. But, its not a pity party...instead it is just an exercise in mental toughness - and keeping going even when I felt like my surprise this morning :)

Can I do better on this trail? You betcha.
Will I do better on this trail? Who knows. The day makes that decision, not me. Or so it seems.