Route: Woody Gap to Blood Mtn on the AT (GA)

Georgia, US
15.6 mi
Vertical Gain
3,850 ft

Eli Dickerson reported:

This is a common out and back for trail runners [about 16 miles total], so I thought I'd set the bar with my fastest time.  I know there's probably others who have run faster, so hoping they post up!  It's a fun stretch of trail for sure. 

GPS Track


Might have been the fastest time back when i did it but there was no GPS wearables back then, at least I did not have one yet.  But i ran this route on 11/26/2006 in 3:05:57 (to the Blood Mountain Shelter and back).  According to my logbook notes I was OUT in 1:38:52 and BACK in 1:27:25.  Really cool to see an FKT setup for this route.  

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Does anyone know what counts as the top of Blood mountain? Would I need to go past the shelter for a FKT attempt or would the shelter suffice?

@maggief39 I would go to the summit marker on the rock just past the shelter. That's what I used as marking the top/turnaround