FKT: Meredith Quinlan, Jess Baker - Iceland Traverse (Iceland) - 2018-07-01

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7d 13h 50m 0s
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Due to well documented issues with Spot Trackers in Iceland the signal constantly fell out which meant the route was recoreded in multiple files. As a result by the time we had returned to an environment with WIFI and a computer Spot had deleted the first two days of recorded files. We had 16 people observing the spot tracker over the journey and have taken many photos along the route (although just checked the date info on them and they are set at some weird time zone that dosen't relate). Not sure if all this is enough proof but thought we had nothing to lose by submitting our possible FKT all the same. When I combined the spot tracker GPX files for some reason the time data seem to not carry over so have attached them separately with time data as well as a combined overall route GPX file. I stitched together the combined majority of the files with a recreated and time stamped first two days. I have a PDF file showing the relevant emails and photos if that is of any use. 

We resupplied at 3 locations until the last 30km when we hit the coast. We had no pre-arranged drops or support crew. The desert highland section in the middle was 300km of no supply available.