Route: Iceland N-S Traverse (Iceland)

516.9 km

Meredith Quinlan submitted this route:

The route starts at the Northern-most Lighthouse Hraunhafnartangi, which is metres off the Northern-most point in Iceland and travels through the wilderness finishing down at the Southern-most Light house, Dyrhólaey, also metres from the Southern-most point in Iceland. Its length measures as 557.3km

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Incredible! Congratulations to you both on what must have been a truly epic adventure in some hectic conditions. The photos look awesome!

Hi Guys! What awesome adventure! I'm planning a trip to Iceland this July to attempt a solo, unsupported fastpack of this route, and would love to chat with you about the logistics, nameably glacial run-off crossings & resupply. Please reach out if you have a minute. Thanks!

Did the first unsupported in 2010. Also my route is shorter but harder as I avoided sealed roads as much as possible. Mostly off track.
My point are the most extreme North and South. The lighthouse is not the furthest north.