FKT: Michael Burke - Mount Louis (AB, Canada) - 2021-10-04

Route variation
Kain Route, TH-TH
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 27m 49s

I climbed the Kain Route on Louis car-to-car in 4:27:49 on Oct 4 2021.  I believe the previous FKT was Gadd & Holeczi at 5hrs. 

It was a perfect fall day, crisp and clear.  I wasn't planning to go fast, in fact I forgot to lace up my shoes and had to stop after crossing the creek to lace them up.  As I started up the trail to Edith Pass my legs felt good and I decided to push the pace a bit.  The hiking trails were busy but I left the crowds behind when I turned off the main trail and headed over to the start of the route.  What a treat to be alone Mount Louis on a perfect fall day.  I didn't rush the climbing much but once at the summit I tried to push the pace again on the descent.  Skipped the first rap opting to downclimb instead.  Then did the remaining 9 raps using a 65m pur'line.  You could likely downclimb a few more of the raps but the gully is super loose and would be a bit tricky.  After the raps, I ate my last granola bar and booked it down the steep trail back to the base of the mountain. Then I pushed the running pace as hard as I could on the trail back to the car.

Being so late in the season and knowing I'd most likely be alone on the mountain, I carried a bit of extra gear including emergency bivy, inreach, light puffy jacket, hat, gloves, full length rope.  I also brought a Beal Escaper and knife as a backup in case the rope got stuck on the descent, a very real possibility.  I wore rock shoes for the whole route and trail runners for the approach and descent.

Approx elapsed times...

0:00 Trailhead

1:15 Start of route

2:45 Summit

3:30 Finished raps

4:27:49 Trailhead