FKT: Michael Connor, Justin Yanuck - Joshua Tree Traverse (CA) - 2016-03-12

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
6h 41m 49s

Justin and I finished in 6:41:49, today 3/12/2016 starting at 6:23AM, for what appears to be a new unsupported FKT.  We each carried all of our own supplies including 4 ~20oz bottles of tailwind, a 2L bladder of water, and a few Gu's.  The fluid proved to be more than enough, and was even discarded at mile 30 when we could confidently calculate the remaining need.  We crossed paths with Christof at our mile ~33 IIRC for the FKT Proboards meet up :)  We saw his footprints the entire way, and they proved useful in the morning when we were unsure of navigation choices, though these were not too difficult anyway in the daytime and we did have plenty of navigational resources if need be.  Justin performed admirably, though I felt considerable general fatigue, as well as soreness in what I think is tibialis anterior, for miles ~19-30.  With the downhill after that, a slight adjustment to my gait, and the finish in sight, adrenaline took over and we laid down the last 6-7 miles at 9min/mile average (which felt like 6:30) with one in the 7s.

I will likely follow up soon with photos and more details. Strava links below: