FKT: Michael Patton - Georgia AT (GA) - 2022-07-01

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Total time
18h 40m 44s

I set out with Kris Haislip and Pete Schenier to complete the Georgia Section of the Appalachian Trail. This would be my 4th attempt to complete it. I started at 4:17 PM June 30,2022. The day's weather was very humid and a little hot, but manageable. After the first 3 miles I knew I was going to have a good day. Had a couple bad spots ran out of water, but lucky Kris decided to go too Tray which save the attempt. Cause I had almost cook myself on the backside of Tray. Made it to Unicoi Gap feeling pretty good that's about  1/3 of the way through right on pace.I picked Pete up at Hogpen and we were going to Woody Gap. Knowing by the top of Blood that if I could run I had a good chance, Lucky I had enough in the tank which carried me to Springer Mountain in 18:40:44.