Route: Georgia AT (GA)

Georgia, US
75 mi
Vertical Gain
18,500 ft

It's approximately 75 miles from the wooden sign at the NC/GA border near Bly Gap to Springer Mountain with about 19,000 ft of elevation gain. 


GPS Track


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Based on data that Karl Meltzer posted, it looks like he covered the GA section of the AT in around 22ish hours (maybe more, maybe less) at the tail end of his record breaking AT run. It would be cool to find out exactly what his time was (if possible). Crazy that he was so close to the record at the end of his entire trek of the AT!

I will be attempting the supported FKT for the Georgia Appalachian Trail on September 18. I will be traveling from South to North. 

Michael Patton

21 miles in I was attack by a dog. I was around 4 hours in. I was traveling North. So I’m going back on March 28 to give it another shot.

Appreciate all the data and info given from your attempt back in March.  Plan on attempting the unsupported attempt next Saturday, Nov 9/10 via NC/GA line to Springer.  

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Tomorrow I will take a crack at Laniak's supported FKT, starting from the NC state line at sunrise...

Going to give another crack tomorrow morning at 5. Am. Going southbound.

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I'm planning on going for the women time on Saturday 10/3 heading northbound.

Tomorrow at approximately 5AM EST. my wife and I will be running the entire length of the GA AT from Bly Gap to Springer Mtn. We are electing to travel in tandem but unsupported. We will carry our own individual nutrition and gear. All water will be collected from water sources available on the route. Tracking can be followed here:

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I plan to run the Georgia section of the AT from Springer Mountain to the NC border this Friday, November 13th going northbound. My partner will be following be in June Bug, our new FKT support vehicle/home. 

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Not great, thanks for asking! The trail was covered in wet leaves and I decided it was going to be too dangerous and cold to run through the night. I plan to try again in the spring!

Congrats to Ben and Allison on the new unsupported team FKT! Love the Michael Jordan time!

-Ryan Eggers

I’m planning to attempt the Georgia section of the AT, southbound from Bly Gap to Springer, starting Saturday morning 4/17/21 around sunrise. 

Congratulations Lauren!!  You have changed the game for this route.  So much respect.

Thank you James! Thank you for embodying everything I love about our ultra community!! 

Carl Laniak reported:

after deciding to attempt the GA section in one push back in 2003, i made several failed attempts starting from the north end and quitting at unicoi (mi25), hogpen (mi40), and then woody gap (mi 55), i finally completed the section in a continuous push in 2007 in 22:56. matt kirk was along and crewed me from my van. he met me at all the paved road crossings, as well as a couple of the FS 42 crossings as i neared springer. i started the run at 5pm, and finished the following afternoon. i knew that doing alot of night running, and starting tired were not ideal, and i paid for that by dying 1000 deaths over the last 20 miles, but i was ecstatic to finally complete the route.
ncultra account:
splits from this run can be found here:

in spring 2010 i did a slightly modified (but equally long) route entirely self-supported with a foot of snow and ice on much of the route in 24:30.
blog post: and

then in october 2010 i returned to attempt to set a faster time, and was on pace to run under 19 hours until things fell apart significantly in the last 15 miles. i still ran my fastest time, 21:30.
scott brockmeier and liz bauer were instrumental in crewing this strong (for me) attempt.

in march 2011 i took another shot, but the midnight start and very cold weather, coupled with some poor gear choices foiled my attempt at a faster time...i completed the section in just over 24 hours, again with a couple friends (james rudd and jim sinclair) crewing me (and actually running with me for the last 30+ miles)
blog post: - (scroll down below idaho trip commentary)

it would not surprise me if there's some (or more than one) person who's done this section significantly faster than my 21:30, but i'm unaware of them. i too have heard of a number of failed attempts by atlanta ultrarunners.
there is a hiker (trail name "Phreak") who claims on to have done it in 22:11 with a 24 pound pack, quite an impressive trek, IMO. also, matt karzen, who i have never met (but is also from athens, ga), completed the trail in one push back in 2009, although i have been unable to find his exact time... his report is at

Patrick Chamberlain and Jonathan Sutton did the GA AT in 27h48m in June 2017.  Laniak had the FKT at 21h30m.

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Today at 7pm I'll be attempting to set a new unsupported fkt on the Georgia Section of the AT. Beginning at NC/GA border and heading southbound.

I'm starting an unsupported attempt of the Georgia section of the AT SOBO tomorrow 11/29/21 around 7am. 

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I will be starting the Out & Back route (self supported) within the next 24 hours. I will be starting from Springer Mountain. 

I will be starting the out and back route from Springer Mountain at 0600 on October 19, 2023.  It will be unsupported. I will be traveling solo, carrying all my food, clothing, and equipment with no outside support from people, stores, or caches for this adventure.