FKT: Michael Searing - Mt Hinman - 2022-08-14

Route variation
Necklace Valley
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
8h 16m 4s

I took the East Fork Foss approach up Hinman from the Necklace Valley Trailhead. I filled up on water several times from creeks and lakes. I went alone and unsupported. See my linked report on WTA for a full description.

I did this run before the FKT existed. I just did a search of the Strava leaderboard for the segment from the TH to Jade Lake and didn't see any faster runs up Hinman and back. I could have shaved off an hour if I didn't linger at the summit and water stops, but otherwise I put in a solid effort to make good time (and get home for dinner). Waiting until the snow fully melted and leaving the spikes at home would also save some time, although the glissading made up some lost time. The direct route to La Bohn Gap (rather than the waterfall route) has the potential to save time, but is probably best attempted when either fully melted out or before the snow weakens.