FKT: Michele Graglia, Nickademus Hollon - So Cal Triple Crown (CA) - 2015-03-16

Route variation
"hard" version
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
17h 44m 17s

Brett, I'll have you know you were the inspiration for this attempt in the first place! That being said, Michele Graglia and I, took off yesterday to go set the FKT for the Triple Crown and chase Brett's times. Here are the splits, I'll post a TR when I can feel my quad's again:

Start: 5:31am

Grubb's Notch: 2:46:45 (almost zero snow)
Top of Jacinto: 4:08:10 (Icy packed snow)
Palm Springs: 6:49:48 (didn't kick cactus)
Vivian Creek TH: 8:01:05
San Gorgonio Summit: 10:45:36 (Gah! Post-holing of doom!! Sooo slow going...)
Vivian Creek TH: 12:11:24 (Ran really hard down)
Bear Flats TH: 13:44:39
Mount Baldy Summit: 16:10:05 (Windy, cold, not much snow)
Bear Flats TH: 17:44:17 (Ran super hard down...And my quads are now in infinite pain)

Finish: 11:15:25pm

**Note this includes driving time in-between mountains**


In this version did you run down to the Palm Springs Art Museum or take the tram?