FKT: Michelle Leduc - Prescott and Russell Recreational Trail (ON, Canada) - 2020-07-03

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Total time
10h 59m 33s

I did a 98 km unsupported run along the Prescott-Russell Recreation Trail including the Ottawa Link. The route started at the dead end 2 km west of the Anderson Road parking lot in Ottawa East and ended at Montee la Grande in St. Eugene, ON near the Quebec Border. The Ottawa Link is about 26 km and the Prescott-Russell section is about 72 km.  At the eastern limit there is a sign showing the end of the trail on Moore Road in St. Eugene, ON however the trail kilometre markers indicate that there was just under 3 km left on the trail.  I continued on 2.5 km on the unmaintained section (aka ankle buster) of the trail to Montee la Grande to ensure I covered the entire distance.

I made a stop at the South Nation River at the 51 km point, just east of the Plantagenet Station Pavilion.  This spot was easily accessible for getting water.  Another stop was made for water in a small creek just east of the Vankleek Hill Pavilion.

We were in the middle of heat wave that day with the temperatures in the 30's.  Running through the the exposed farmers fields along the way made it a bit tough in some sections. Straight, dusty, sunny and freaking hot pretty much sums the route that day. 

This trail is a great place to run, walk or bike with lots of access points along the way.  The are a few pavilions along the way to stop for lunch or the washroom (although the portables were not there yet, likely due to COVID19). There is no traffic to deal with, with the exception of maintenance crew once in while.  There is usually a few people out on the trail in the Ottawa Section and it get quieter the further east you go.  If you like running in the country and open fields this is the place to go.