FKT: Michiel Panhuysen, Greg Olesiak - Olympus Bardotka (Greece) - 2020-09-08

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14h 2m 43s
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The route consists of four distinct sections, each with its own character very clearly marked:

1. Gomarostalos - the steepest climb in Olympus, from Prionia to Oropedio, with wonderful views and a short rock climbing section secured by permanently installed ropes. Uphill

2. Rema Naum - an unusual dry river, with single boulders sometimes larger than a house. Downhill.

3. Kopsi Naum - the most spectacular fragment. Climbing narrow as a razor rock edge with three fragments of a rappeling. You have to have helmet, rope (60m) and climbing equipment.There are permanetelly instaled assecuration points in places when rappeling is needed. Uphill. 

4. Kofto - a beautiful piece at the end. The shortest connection between the Muses Plateau and the Ref. A. and Prionia, partly with E-4 international path . Downhill.

Crossing Kopsi Naum requires carrying a rope and rappelling equipment, which means extra kilos, which makes the attempt more difficult. It also requires high endurance and concentration, as the route is very technically difficult in many parts. Plus, there's no real path or any markings, so you have to find the right way (even a gpx file won't help much as it's never accurate enough). It is also worth remembering that in the core of Kopsi Naum (about halfway through this part) there is no escape from the route, you have to walk the entire section because there are dangerous cliffs on both sides.
Most tourists who pass through Kopsi Noum tie themselves with a rope on the uphill section. However, since there are no belay points on the approach, the advantage of this option is problematic. We covered this entire route in a two-person team - Greg and Mig - and we were never tied with a rope.
All sections other than Kopsi Naum are more or less runnable.

The name of the route - Olympus Bardotka refers to the shape of the route on the map. It resembles a women's bra (balconette) popularized many years ago by Brigitte Bardot. In Polish, its popular name is "bardotka" and hence the name.

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