Route: Olympus Bardotka (Greece)

Submitted by Greg1124 on Sun, 11/12/2023 - 05:48am
32.1 km
Vertical Gain
3,132 m

This is most difficult of all on Olympus routes. We call it Olympus Bardotka. A route that requires exceptional skills, excellent physical endurance and ... courage.

The route consists of four distinct sections, each with its own character very clearly marked:

1. Gomarostalos - the steepest climb in Olympus, with wonderful views and a short rock climbing section secured by permanently installed ropes.

2. Rema Naum - an unusual dry river, with single boulders sometimes larger than a house.

3. Kopsi Naum - the most spectacular fragment. Climbing narrow as a razor rock edge with three fragments of a rappeling (some rock climbing skills needed).

4. Kofto - a beautiful piece at the end. The shortest connection between the Muses Plateau and the Ref. A. and Prionia.

Crossing Kopsi Naum requires taking a rope and descent equipment with you, i.e. additional kilograms, which makes the attempt more difficult. It also requires high resistance to exposition and high concentration, because the path in many parts is technically very difficult.

However, what makes this challenge unique is time. The idea is to go the entire route in one day! Then it becomes a real challenge We have to say it right away, to close it in one day, you have to run.

The name Olympus Bardotka refers to the shape of the route on the map. It resembles the women's bra (balconette) popularized by Brigitte Bardot many years ago. In Polish, its popular name is "bardotka" and hence the name.

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