FKT: Mikael Svalstrand - Sandsjöbackaleden (Sweden) - 2020-12-04

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 18m 22s

Sandsjöbackaleden from Sisjö scoutstuga to Kyrkbyn Dala and back. It is my Backyard! I want to have the FKT on that route, at least for a while. I decided to do it on 4 December. Started at 10:30. It was a nice day, perfect for a nice run. Cloudy, mild, no wind, but quite wet and muddy along the single trails in Årekärr and South Spårhagavägen. It took me 2 hours to Kyrkbyn Dala and 2 hours 18 minutes back. One reason for the slower speed back was some issues with my quadriceps on my right leg. It meant that I could not oush so hard as I would have liked to. Great news to that is that I know that I can run this much faster. When the track will be dry it will help me even more.

Energy: I rarely drink very much, but this time I had 0,5 litre of Cold blueberry soup, 0,25 litre of Umara sports drink (ration 1,5:1) and 0,5 litre of pure water. I had 4 Umara gels altogether. Also some candy.

It felt good all the way despite the thigh issues. My Watch (Suunto Ambit Vertical showed) 42,63 km, but I also had a second Watch on me (newly bought Suunt0 7) that showed 42 km. I ran all the way of course, know this route by heart and had studied it really close, so I just had to follow the signs.