FKT: Mike Hedman - Bay to Mt Umunhum (CA) - 2022-04-10

Route variation
Bay to Umunhum
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Total time
6h 42m 49s
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Started at 4:10am, 51 degrees. 
Aside from a close call with a skunk, everything went according to plan. Though the climb at the end was rough.

I sweat a lot, and knew that I would need to refill.  I had pre-scouted De Anza park on Meridian - which happens to be right at the half way point of the run. They have a proper water bottle filling fountain, which made it really easy to refill my hydration bladder and an extra bottle.  It was before 7am, so I was surprised that their rest room was also open, I took advantage of that. 

As for food, I was 100% Infinit Nutrition drink powder. Lesson learned: I have done concentrated "feed bottles" before, but putting 7 hours of powder into one bottle was too much, could barely get it out the nozzle (added some additional water, and all was good).

Good news at the finish: they have completed the renovations on the Cube a week or two ago, so I was able to finish along the "original" trail for the last .2 miles to the summit.


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Way to improve upon my time, Mike!  And congratulations on achieving your first FKT!  Nice work!