FKT: Mike Hotchkis - Mauna Kea (HI) - 2015-04-20

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ascent from Hilo
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14h 0m 0s

Sea to Summit.
Earlier this year I ran up from Hilo Bay to the summit of Mauna Kea. I was unsupported except for filling up with water at the visitor centre, where I also had a hot chocolate and a bowl of fruit salad. So I think my run counts as 'self-supported'.

Times were thus:
Bay House B&B, 42 Pukihae Street, Hilo: 3:40am (right on the bay, nice place!)
Mauna Kea Access Road: 10:30am, 6000ft.
Ellison Onizuka Visitor center: 12:30pm, 9000ft (rested about 40min).
Summit: just before 5:40pm, 13,796 feet. I walked this last section, up the trail; not the fastest 10km I've done! Stayed on to see a beautiful sunset. I claim 14:00hours total time, self-supported.
This was done on the 20th April 2015 and I posted it to Sorry, I don't have any other evidence, don't even own a GPS. My wife met me on the summit after I completed. I don't think she remembers when I got out of bed that morning!

I live close to sea level in Sydney so have no altitude acclimatization. For that last section, I just had to take deep deep breaths and keep putting one foot in front of the other!

Just the other day I found the following report of a run up from the other side:
This was clearly much harder and took longer. But in a comment at the end of the report Randy Havre says he and others have done it in the 1990s from Hilo and he claims a fastest time of 11:21. There is no detail so not known if supported or not. So my time may not be valid as a 'fastest'.

In any case, I know several great trail runners here in Sydney who can easily do better times than me on mountain runs. My time (or Randy's) is waiting to be bettered. And, I'm sure it could be done unsupported. Well, get your plane tickets and do it!! Surely fkt sea-to-summit on the world's tallest mountain is worth going for!

A more detailed report of the above sea-to-summit trek has been posted at