FKT: Mike Ward - Grand Portage Trail (MN) - 2023-08-10

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 18m 42s

I set out on Thursday, August 10th for an FKT attempt on the Grand Portage Trail. I stopped in the visitor center to change and was pleased to see Rendezvous was going on. My goal was to take it out at a controlled effort but speedy enough to beat the out-and-back time, but leave enough in the tank to run it hard and try for a sub-hour one-way time. 

Conditions were good, albeit muddy in spots and somewhat overgrown with late summer plants frequently touching me. I brought a handheld water bottle with water, one gel and a couple of fruit leather strips.

I ran all the way to the Pigeon River and dunked my hat in then hit the split on my watch when I turned around. I just saw one person on the trail on the way out. They yelled at me that it was “rush hour” with so many people on the trail (he and I). 

I suffered on the way back and tried really hard but failed to go under 7 minutes for any mile split. The stairs got me good, I had to stop twice to tie my dang shoelace but was pleased with my time.