FKT: Miki Neant - Jubilee Greenway (United Kingdom) - 2021-12-03

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4h 53m 44s

So happy that I finally run this ring route! 

Spontaneously last night, I was late-night-dreaming (awake) to do a new FKT  -I didn't manage to organise one in Paris last week. So the feeling has been in the air, but refrained from completing my 2021 whole year challenge to support the charity "Free To Run". Only 49km to cross the finish line of 6704km -from London where I live to Kabul in Afghanistan. Hesitated. Because I would have to finish it all by my self. (because I did not plan this and nobody was informed until deep in the night), I say to give a go. The excitement gave me 2 hours sleep. But a big breakfast. 

Run to the closest of the Greenway circular point from my house, 6am, sharing my location with all my running sisters from WRW 8s, hoping some of them are awake to dot-watch my security ;) honestly I didn't feel safe to run in the dark on the canal and the route. Head torch shadows the rain falling, I was ready. The red floating Chinese restaurant is my only witness, and I will be back in less than 5 hours!

I set my watch to the Navigation mode -is a locket bursting mistake on board. I had to set the battery saving option during my run otherwise the watch would have been dead before the completion. I was wearing these strong contact lenses and was impossible to see so close. Navigation mode seems cutting a significant KM in the total distance I've run. 54km vs 60km. Plus some stats glitch. Lesson for the next one. 

Jus after Tower Bridge, a familiar face popped up all in a sudden. It's my friend Francesca, she surprised me and sparkled the horse vibe over me, like the strongest and unique running style race horse my physio was talking about yesterday. The difficulty was I couldn't know my pace, and the amount of KM left. So I just run and run. 

When I see the Red Chinese floating Resto again, it was still 10:57. it was so close!! 

My friend Dr. Sinead Cane reminded me yesterday that today is the International Day of People with Disabilities. Sinead is the first Irish visually impaired solicitor, double Guinness World Record holder, one of the best Irish distance runner who represented the Irish national team. I dedicate today's run to her and the people with disabilities including my amazing dad in Japan. 

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