FKT: Miki Neant - Ogaki Castle to Gifu Castle (Japan) - 2021-02-27

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2h 2m 11s

Here I am back in Japan, so much to explore, so beautiful to adventure. Rediscovering the taste of wooden air, silent color and scent, vividly blooming hundreds of plum trees. Chilly February sunny morning. 
Somehow I see less FKT route in Japan, and I definitely wanted to create some in given time here.  
This route goes relatively flat and easy, only at the end of it- running up to Gifu Castle through Hyakumagari-Trail, some parts are more like climbing especially at the beginning. 
The view from the top is amazing. I could see the city, rivers and all the mountains around, near and far. 
Note: there are so many vending machines and stores everywhere, it is very easy to fuel and hydrate along the way if necessary!