FKT: Miki Neant - Plage to Summit Pay d’Auge Loop (France) - 2021-08-14

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2h 35m 2s

I’ve been exploring the areas and the routes about a month now, and waited to explore this route until this morning. The low tides only make this Run possible! Started at 10:13 vs 10:22 will be perfect. 
To the west on the Sandy beach about 10km listening FKT podcast episode 89 David Bone with Buzz. How I loved listening to it during 42 minutes of the beginning of this Run like a sailor. 
There are so many stories and history in these area. Good and bad to learn from them.

This is a beautiful route.  

On the other hand, I am saddened to see the news about Afghanistan 🇦🇫. I thought of it throughout my run this morning.  I am no political and not blaming anyone but it is very hard to imagine the people suffering from the war today, living in fears, the freedom they have been gaining carefully are stripped, destroyed and violated. Like us, just want to run outside is not safe anymore. 
What have they done, what could we have done, praying for the future- no terrors but hopes. 
I am still running for the charity Free to Run to support those women and the girls in the areas of conflict. I have come so far, trying to learn and understand to fill in the gap between us, unknown, virtually connected, because understanding in many degrees could eventually make us see the truth, no misjudgement, no misinterpretation, no hatred but just human in front of me. I’ve learnt so much in my personal life, by just simply learning to speak other languages for example made myself from an invisible person to the rebirth, full of colours. Yet life in general is a wonder, so much incomprehensible air, no logic with greys, odourless manifest. Shut open.  
Pushing away my mere small ennuie and worries. I dedicate my run to the people in Afghanistan.