FKT: Miranda Forte - Bull Run / Occoquan Trail (VA) - 2023-05-07

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 47m 39s

My fiancé and his two daughters dropped me off at Bull Run Regional Park at 8:38am.  I ran through the BROT independently with a Salomon pack - I carried 1 liter but only drank .5L. I also had about 4oz of a sweet potato puree and two Glukos electrolyte drinks. The trails were dry for the most part and the weather was almost perfect: 58 degrees at start and 72 degrees at finish. Overall I felt strong and consistent, finishing at 11:26am at Fountainhead Regional Park. 


My only issues during the run were that my COROS Apex2 watch never picked up GPS satelite until I was 5 miles out from FH.  Luckily, I started a Strava tracker 14 minutes into my run (roughly 1.7miles in according to Strava's route creator tool). I have attached both GPX files from this run.  I'm confident that between the two and my pictures, it will be evident that this was a legitimate FKT.