FKT: Miranda Pridgen - Florida Trail (FL) - 2023-02-23

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31d 4h 38m 0s
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I left the northern terminus at Fort Pickens on January 23rd, 2023 at 8:00 AM CST and arrived at the southern terminus Big Cypress Oasis Visitor Center February 23rd 1:38 PM EST. I completed the trail in 31 days 4 hours and 38 minutes. 

I followed the standard route going southbound, the Eastern Corridor around Orlando Central Florida and the Eastern side around Lake Okeechobee.  I did follow the original blazes through the tidal creek floodplain due to timing and opportunity. I would not recommend it. Any other reroutes due to fire or closure are marked along with campsites made along the way. Resupply was through boxes mailed ahead of time and things gathered along the way.  Water caches were greatly appreciated along with using natural sources. 

It was an incredible challenge. I am still processing the experience and feel deeply grateful for the encouragement from the hiking community of the Florida Trail along the way.

See you on another trail,

Miranda ‘Bopit’ Pridgen