FKT: Nadia Stanis - Pacific Crest Trail through OR (OR) - 2020-08-31

Route variation
Standard route
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9d 6h 8m 0s

On Monday, August 31st at 11:03pm I completed my FKT attempt at self supported Oregon PCT in 9 days 6 hours 8 m 5 minutes from 4:55pm at the bridge of the Gods on August 22 to 11:03 pm at the California border on August 31. I sent myself resupply packages to nearby lodges and sometimes shopped for goodies or bought a meal. All detours (always back to the same spot on trail) are recorded on my spot and COROS. I had to do a fire detour that added 2 miles due to a trail closure at Lilly Lake. I will update my blog shortly with a full trip report at


That was FUN!!