FKT: Natalie Daniel - Nantahala Adventure Run (NC) - 2022-02-26

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Standard route
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17h 50m 12s
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On Friday, February 25th, starting at 7:28 am, I ran the Nantahala Adventure Run loop unsupported. I carried all of my nutrition, which consisted of 18 gels, beef jerky, maple syrup, Cheez-its, a mandarin orange fruit cup, and Tailwind powder. I carried 4 soft flasks of fluid to start with, 2 of which contained Tailwind/water. I refilled my plain water at the NOC. I also filtered water at a shelter on the AT. I had planned to filter more, but my filter was slow due to needing to be cleaned out. I started at the Duke Energy Power Plant and boat launch on Wayah Rd and ran the route clockwise. It was raining for the first couple of hours, but stopped and the sun came out. I actually got sunburned, something I would never think about in February. This route was tougher than expected, mostly due to the conditions of the Bertram Trail, especially on the back half of the run. There are a ton of downed trees and limbs. I have battle wounds all on the lower portions of my legs, including one puncture wound. The views on this route more than make up for any discomfort I may have felt. Wayah Bald alone made the suffering worth it. Also, if anyone does this route the same way I did and ends up in the dark, just know that you need to pay close attention to where the trail goes. You get on and off roads and there aren't always markers to tell you which way to go. I did enjoy the last 3 miles of downhill at the end. I highly recommend this route for anyone looking for a challenge.