FKT: Nate Smith - East Weaver Campground Loop 5, 6 (CA) - 2020-06-10

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1h 37m 58s
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Decided to give this additional Weaver Bally Trail System (WBTS) link up a go as well out here in Weaverville while visiting Sarah’s family. As I shared in my strava post of the Weaver Bally Road Loops 1, 2, 3 Link Up, we’ve spent quite a bit of time doing different sections of the WBTS. Sarah’s dad was integral to the establishment of the WBTS. All of the trails covered in this link up were new to me. 

I studied the map a lot ahead of time. Regardless, I still managed to get off route multiple times. I actually started this link up on the blue loop and accidentally took the early connector which put me back at the trailhead kiosk a mile short. I took about 15 minutes to reset and then gave it a go again, this time completing it. 

Order of loops on this lap:

Loop 6 (Red) - Counter Clockwise

Loop 5 (Blue) - Counter Clockwise

I was misled a bit by the shade at the trailhead and along the East Weaver Creek. The vehicle temperature gauge read 86 F but it felt pleasant and manageable. I had our pup Makalu with me. It became a bit dire as we climbed up onto Jackass Ridge with full sun exposure. Mak and I both overheated. I carried 900ml of fluid and 2 gels. Food was right but just barely enough water. It all worked out but it was pretty challenging due to the heat and dehydration for both of us! Maybe early morning or later afternoon is best this time of year. 

The initial shaded sections of these loops had quite a few other folks out hiking or fishing. Pretty tranquil spot!