FKT: Nathan Broom, Isaac Brown - Two Lakes Loop (IN) - 2020-03-22

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Standard route
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Total time
1h 57m 32s
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We ran what we believe is the best candidate for a standard route here, starting and finishing at the brown gate at the main Two Lakes Loop trailhead, running clockwise to put the creek crossings nearer the end. Beautiful day, enjoyable trail. The trail is in good shape, well marked and easy to follow. There is a decent amount of mud, but that's just springtime trail running around here.

We spent some time during this run talking about how much we appreciate the FKT scene, especially in these COVID-19 days of race cancellations. Our main purpose in sharing this particular attempt is to bring attention to this route. For our region, it stands out for being easily accessible, well marked, decently maintained, and generally doable. There is a Strava segment called "Two Lakes Trail - CW from Ramp" that is nearly identical to this route and shows several faster times. Most of those appear to have been run during a race that used to be held on this trail, but there's at least one faster time that may be an unsupported trail run. We're not attached to the idea of ours being truly the fastest time ever run on this trail--but we'd like to see this trail get some FKT attention from interested runners, and see this FKT lowered by others.