Route: Two Lakes Loop (IN)

Indiana, US
12.3 mi

This 12.3 mile loop trail circumnavigates Indian and Celina Lakes in Hoosier National Forest. It is mostly forested and includes several views of the lakes while weaving through hilly hardwood and pine forests. Elevation gain is 1,850' over the loop. The trail is easily accessible from Interstate 64, and makes an inviting midwest trail run with straightforward navigation and no need for shuttling. The Forest Service has a page with further information and maps. They list the trail as 15.7 miles, which would include the connector and other spur trails.

This trail is better maintained than some in the region, but still prone to fallen trees and persistent mud. Summer and fall add the potential for tall grass and briars in places, along with ticks. There are multiple trailhead options.  - Submitted by Nathan Broom

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