FKT: Nathan Brown - San Dieguito River Trail (CA) - 2024-03-03

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Total time
4h 17m 35s

I started the FKT attempt slightly before 10 AM as it had been raining heavily all morning, and I was anticipating the sun to make an appearance. Regrettably, the day persisted to be overcast and rainy. My fiancée dropped me off at the beginning of the San Dieguito River Trail and picked me up 4 hours later in Del Mar. I carried three 18oz Solomon flasks, 2 Oat Pineapple Endurance packs, 2 Awesome Sauce, and 1 Speednut, all of which are Spring Energy products. I encountered the need to reroute my path twice due to washed-out trails and flooded areas. At one point, I walked through knee-high water as I opted not to reroute again. For a touch of humor, please refer to my Strava link for video evidence 🤣. I experienced three falls as a result of the muddy conditions. This was my first time running the San Dieguito River Trail and I’m eager to undertake more extended runs around here.