FKT: Nathan Collins - Madeira Coast to Coast (Portugal) - 2022-10-13

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3h 51m 15s

Really nice route, thanks to Vincent Ozegowski and thanks too to my girlfriend for providing the taxi service to the start point.
Started in the dark from Ribeira Brava and quickly realised these uphills were for walking not running!

The remaining climb to the plateau was very pleasant - a welcomed stretch along Levada Nova and some softly scented eucalyptus forest brought me up to a dirt road with good views of the Central Massif. 
Clouds came in while I was on the main road across the plateau making for an atmospheric stretch under the wind turbines. 
The short stretch on PR17 was a great warm up for the prolonged downhill on the dirt road to Sao Vicente. 
Upon seeing the town I thought the hard work was done but the direct route down from the top of town meant my legs were pressed into action for some pretty steep descents. 
Finishing at the beach, body and mind was ready for a soak in the sea. 


Congrats Nathan, great job. I remember the streets in Sao Vicente are hard work for your quads on the last meters.