Route: Madeira Coast to Coast (Portugal)

Submitted by vinne90 on Sun, 01/24/2021 - 12:18am
31.6 km
Vertical Gain
1,750 m

The crosses Madeira Island on its short axis, mostly North to South and connects the two villages of Ribeira Brava and Sao Vicente on the coasts.

Starting from beach in Ribeira Brava the route follows some smaller streets on the eastern valley side until at about 400 m above sea level one finds a small levada. The Levada Nova leads around a protrusion and than in leads into the mountains in parallel valley to the east. There is one short tunnel along here where you may want to use a head lamp or torch. When the levada does a 180-turn  you turn right on the bridge and get some height on smaller streets and finally gravel and mud roads. Climbing up in serpentines you reach the main road on the plateau. Looking back to the South you can see the Atlantic and all the way up you came from. On the plateau you have to follow the road Northeast until you find a small picnic area on the right (Casa de Abrigo). Soon you can look down to the North Coast and see Sao Vicente. One follows the PR17 a nice hiking trail through the woods until it reaches gravel road which will get you down to the village in many serpentines. You will cross two levadas during the descend and then go through the beautiful village of Sao Vicente. The end point is a small chapel where the gorge leads onto the beach.