FKT: Nathan Longhurst - Sawtooth Ridge Slam (WA) - 2021-06-20

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9h 22m 8s
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A wonderful day in the mountains! Started out with Jason H. hoping to go for a fast time together. We were a bit behind pace getting to the first summit and he was feeling sluggish (understandable, with what we’d been up to for the last couple weeks... check out his Bulger 100 FKT for more details on that). I felt springy and decided to go for it alone. It proved to be an excellent day of boulder hopping and ridge running. This is a super fun route! Highlight was the final ridge up to Hoodoo, a very enjoyable 3rd class playground of rock. Low-light was bruising my butt glissading into a very unfriendly rock. Ouch. Jason cruised in shortly behind me with a very respectable time of his own.