FKT: Nathan Longhurst - Sierra Peak Section (SPS) (CA, NV) - 2022-07-09

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any route
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138d 14h 1m 0s

Completing the SPS list was a culmination of everything I have learned from the mountains. I combined ski mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, and running to reach the summits of each of the 247 SPS peaks in 138 days. I was able to enjoy many classic climbs, traverses, and ski descents while exploring the wonderful Sierra Nevada mountains. I am very grateful to everyone who made this experience possible, especially Travis, for being the best partner ever, Dan, for being the mastermind who made it all happen, Jason, for the endless stoke and inspiration, and Mom and Dad, for putting up with my wild antics and for their unconditional love. Many trip reports and photos can be found at, and GPS tracks for each outing can be found on my Strava profile.