FKT: Nathan Thiel - Camp Tuscazoar Tour (OH) - 2024-02-02

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Total time
1h 10m 40s

Troop 1 cabin is a primitive camp spot with two wood stoves and a kerosene heater. I only used the one stove in the main cabin area.  I did not want to mess with the heater and the other stove is in the covered porch “kitchen room” (which I left cold for my perishables). I love the ambiance of the oil lanterns and votive candles for lighting. The cabin is a self-supported stayed. Along with all the regular camping gear; I packed in a sled full of fire wood, lantern oil, a fire starter log for the stove and 50 votive candles. I hiked/packed in 1.5 miles from main camp to Troop 1 Cabin (it took two trips). I got base camp all set up and went on the FKT run starting from the cabin. Afterwards, I settled in for the night and cooked dinner by the fire in the wood stove.

Really great adventure.