FKT: Nathan Thiel, Phil Hucke - Camp Tuscazoar Tour (OH) - 2023-11-26

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1h 17m 17s

My yearly Thanksgiving tradition of meeting at the camp with my long distance friend while he is in town visiting family, Phil Hucke.  We were catching up on our recent race results when their family dog tracked us down on the trail. Phil backtracked to return her to the family while I waited on the trial.  We continued on as I was describing a deep wood, overnight, semi primitive, winter packing adventure I was planning at Troop Cabin 1. Due to the delays with the family pet, we had to book it up the last hill to just set the new FKT.  After we were done, I was rewarded with a home baked parsnip cookie from his wife. Best cookie I have had in a year.