FKT: Nathaniel Bonner - Don Robinson State Park "Run the Park" (MO) - 2024-01-04

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1h 25m 34s
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Hi everyone! I had some fantastic trail conditions today! It was cold, around 35-40 degrees F, the trail was still a bit muddy but easy to avoid the bad spots. I carried an emergency bag with only a few pounds of gear (just in case I were to fall into the canyon) I had 2ea 500ml bottles of water and used most of it. I really love this trail, I'm going for the "sextuple" variation once we get some more day light. I saw no other people on trail today but a few cars pulled in as I was leaving. Weekdays are usually very quiet at the park and even weekends aren't terribly crowded. The rangers/staff are great in this park and take very good care of the trails, a down tree or 2 is still out there but nothing major. There are some signs stating "video surveillance" in the upper main parking lot so I feel a tiny bit better about leaving extra gear in my car, thanks!!!!! Stay dirty my friends!