Route: Don Robinson State Park "Run the Park" (MO)

Submitted by Nathaniel bonner on Wed, 10/18/2023 - 06:46am
Missouri, US
6.9 mi
Vertical Gain
1,200 ft

This route combines the two main trails in Don Robinson State Park (LaBarque Hills Trail and Sandstone Canyon Trail) with the official connecting path. This route starts and ends at the main information board located at the top of the main parking lot. Follow the blue painted footprints to the the LaBarque Hills Trail loop blazed in blue, complete the loop (minus a spur that leads to a bench) and back the way you came. Then follow the red painted footprints to the Sandstone Canyon Trail head to complete the full loop blazed in red (be careful of many intersections of unofficial paths near the canyon, stay with the red markers). End the run exactly where you started.

This is one of the best short trails in the state and full of wildlife. At first glance there is a lot of gravel and concrete but once you've made it to the trails it feels much more natural with several water crossings, solid elevation gain and some very amazing wildlife all around you. Cheers! Have a safe hike!

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