FKT: Nathaniel Bonner - Don Robinson State Park "Run the Park" (MO) - 2024-05-12

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12h 52m 21s
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So, it was hotter than I expected. The park gates open at 7am and close 30min past sunset, (since you are racing the sun) the closer we get to the solstice the more time you have but the hotter the weather. I chose mothers day thinking it would be a bit cooler with a window of 13 hours and change. It worked but just barely. This was a monster of elevation gain for me. I highly recommend hiking a few days past the rain here, the trail can get very very dusty making it hard to breathe. I lucked out, even though the park was super busy it stayed damp and not too slick either. I'm now banning myself from multi-loops at this park. I had many failed attempts at this and now just glad it's over. Also there is a well pump anyone can use and nice bathrooms in the main parking lot. Every one I ran into was very nice, alot of runners and dogs!