FKT: Neal Beidleman, Kevin Cooney - Longs Peak (CO) - 1989-09-28

Route variation
Duathlon from Boulder
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
7h 28m 0s

Neal Beidleman and Kevin Cooney set the FKT for the Longs Peak Duathlon on 9/28/1989. They biked to the TH, ascended/descended via the Cables Route, and returned to Boulder in 7h28m.  Start/finish point was the Bustop.

Neal's training log shows the following splits:  Ride-2:37, Begin run-0:2:48, Summit-4:40, TH-5:46, Start bike-5:52, End-7:28

He added:  "I think this was the faster of the several times we did this.  From the look of the week, it didn’t appear we were tapering on anything…  I guess we just went up there that day as another workout adventure."